Piss and Vinegar

My son peed on the cat. It wasn’t his fault. Apparently the cat got in the way. The cat forgave him, though she’d probably still be pissed if she understood English, since he’s pretty excited to tell the story to anyone who will listen. I can’t say I blame him. I mean, really. How many of us can say we’ve peed on a cat before?

Sadly, this is about the most interesting thing I can report of late. Obviously I’m a complete slacker when it comes to blogging. But you know what? It turns out blogging is hard. Maybe even as hard as writing a book. Maybe even harder, since I’ve never gone as long without writing as I’ve now gone without blogging.

I have, however, been busy editing. In fact, I have a crew of beta readers helping me edit the manuscript as we speak. It turns out that I like to drop prepositions from sentences. Are they really that necessary?

I’ve also been busy researching agents. I’ve even queried a few. This scares the crap out of me. I spend half the time reminding myself that it will take a while, that even Stephen King was ready to throw the Carrie manuscript in the garbage, he’d gotten so many rejections. I spend the other half depressed because even Stephen King got rejected a hundred times. Shit. This line of thinking is why I’m awake past midnight.

But I’m happy to report that — just like millions of other women — I’ve discovered a way to stop those disturbing trains of thought: Pinterest. Pinterest, where I can distract myself for hours and tell myself I’m being productive because now I  have an extensive board full of pictures of beautiful men and women. They’re inspiration,  you see. I’m a visual person. Having an image to associate with a character helps me write more believable characters, so that’s what I do. Which is why I just spent an hour and a half pinning pictures of David Gandy. This is work, dammit. Work.


Okay, maybe I’m full of shit. Maybe this is why I’m awake past midnight. That, and the cat keeps crawling on me. Lucky for her, I don’t have to pee.


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