Poop on a Bracelet

I’m always looking for evidence that the end of the world is upon us. It’s kind of my thing. Some people knit, whittle, paint. I spend time half-fantasizing about/half-dreading the apocalypse.

Today I found some new evidence. No, it’s not ebola. It’s this Lalaloopsy doll. It poops plastic charms, which kids then wear on bracelets. Magic shit bracelets. Brace yourselves, people. On Black Friday, people are going to be fighting over the last magic shit bracelet doll. The apocalypse will follow shortly thereafter. We have reached a new low. No way will Mother Nature allow us to continue much longer.

Magic Poop!

Magic Poop!

Note: The Amazon reviews for this product are pretty great. Maybe Mother Nature won’t kill us off if we counteract the effects of the Magic Poop Baby with reviews as ridiculous as the product.


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