Baker’s Dozen 2014

Last month, I entered the Nightmare on Query Street contest. And didn’t make the cut. It sucked. I was bummed. I reacted by sending my query to Naomi Hughes for two query critiques, and I was fortunate enough to win Wade Albert White’s raffle for a query + first 250 feedback, so Carrie DuBois critiqued my work, as well. Let me just say that these two women are phenomenal. Their feedback was spot on and much appreciated. So I went to work. In fact, I reworked my query, my logline, and a major plot line of the novel, then redacted several thousand words from the manuscript. And then I entered Authoress’s Baker’s Dozen. And made the cut.

It is awesome.

The twenty-five chosen adult entries will go live on the blog on November 28th, where they’ll be open to public critique. Please stop by and join in raking me over the coals. On December 2nd, the agents will stop by to bid on the entries they want to see more from. Please send good thoughts. Lord knows I’ll need them.


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