Sick Day.

I’m staying home from work tomorrow. i’m achey. Exhausted. Fighting a low-grade fever. Hoping it doesn’t turn into something terrible. So what’s a sick day look like for a teacher and author? Let’s see…first I’ll comment on some late informative essays. After breakfast, I’ll spend a couple of hours researching hotels and activities for a weekend field trip where I’ll help chaperone seventy sixth graders. A little more editing of the manuscript before lunch (because apparently I’ll never stop editing until the damned thing is published), and while I eat my sardines and Saltines (yes, this is delicious), I’ll send out a few query letters. Next, I’ll spend an hour or two drafting my Twitter pitches for the upcoming #SFFpit next week (a Twitter pitch event for science fiction/fantasy authors), after which I’ll pick up the kids from school and grab the spelling tests the sub will leave on my desk. Back home, we’ll all do homework (believe me…grading seventy spelling tests each week counts as homework), then I’ll record grades and make notes for next week’s mini-lectures. By then, it’ll be time to cook dinner, and once bath and bedtime routines are over, I’ll drag myself upstairs for a dose of Nyquil and work on the next book in the series until my sight starts to blur.


Maybe I’ll just go to work after all.


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