A Lily Among Thorns

Lily Monroe is carrying the last unborn child on earth. Most would say she’s lucky. She’s not so sure.

After the plague, Lily is stranded with her ex-fiancé Daniel in rural Tennessee. But she’s ill-equipped to outlast whatever comes next – until what comes next is Cash Walker.

Tall and trim and tough, Cash is exactly the kind of man who can get Lily and Daniel to safety. But Cash is broken, tortured, determined to fight off anyone who gets close. He seeks only the solitude of the Louisiana bayous he calls home. When the zealot Gabriel’s gang declares Lily’s unborn child the world’s savior and vows to abduct her, Cash has another reason to walk away. Yet Lily’s maddening mix of stubborn independence and kind-hearted determination proves more than he can resist. And since Lily has spent her life healing broken creatures, she’s convinced love can heal Cash, too, if only he will let it.

But when Gabriel attacks during their trek through the Deep South, Cash saves Lily only by leaving a severely injured Daniel behind. Despite feeling betrayed by his choice, with Gabriel on her trail Lily must flee with Cash to Belle Terre, a plantation colony near New Orleans and her last hope of safe harbor.

The Waters Reign

The second book in A Lily Among Thorns series follows the headstrong young doctor, Ava, and Jacob, owner of Belle Terre, a working plantation in south Louisiana where those lucky enough to outlive the plague now live in a government-sanctioned survivor colony.

The Air Awakened

The third book in A Lily Among Thorns series follows Lucas and Terra, heirs to the Belle Terre plantation colony.


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